Monday, June 22, 2015

Play Group in Annanagar


We strive to enhance childhood, envisioning a world that enriches the lives of children. We embrace the course of action implied in two declarations:

For personal success during childhood,
What happens in the early years really matters!
How it happens is critical to becoming an enthused, confident learner with a wholesome sense of self.
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Acknowledging the early years of childhood as learning-to-learn years, Blooming Lotus commits to advancing learning and development with sound, respectful practices that support well-rounded growth in all developmental domains.

Kindergarten School in Annanagar


To provide a positive atmosphere that supports all members of the group, strategies strengthen dispositions for learning and advance development in social-emotional, physical, and cognitive areas.Kindergarten School in Annanagar

Major goals are:

  • To facilitate building a wholesome concept of self as a unique and competent individual;
  • To promote experiences fundamental to strengthening cognition;
  • To foster gains in pro-social ability, self regulation, and positive approaches to learning;
  • To make allowances for the conflicts that accompany developmental stages.